Company Profile

Company Profile

Corporate Mission/Vision

The Mission of LightLouver LLC is to provide high-quality, high-performing, affordable daylighting and solar control products that reduce energy use, reduce green house gas emissions, and enhance the quality of indoor environments in new and existing buildings.

The co-founders of LightLouver LLC, Michael Holtz, Donald Frey, and Zack Rogers have more than 90 years of combined experience working with the designers, owners, and operators of commercial buildings to improve performance, decrease energy use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Messrs Holtz and Frey were co-founders of Architectural Energy Corporation (AEC) in 1982, after having worked together at the Solar Energy Research Institute (now National Renewable Energy Laboratory) and individually with early pioneers in the solar and sustainable buildings fields. The LightLouver Daylighting System evolved from their work at AEC conducting product research and development, providing architectural/sustainable design assistance, providing daylighting consulting, and conducting building energy performance monitoring and analysis.

LightLouver LLC was established in 2004 as a business focused solely on the design, development, and delivery of daylighting and solar control products. Zack Rogers was appointed the Director of Engineering. Messrs Holtz and Frey joined LightLouver LLC full time in early 2010.

LightLouver LLC is concerned about the survival of the planet, the quality of life and well being of the people on it, national and local community involvement, and providing a rewarding and satisfying work environment for its employees. All component parts of the LightLouver units are manufactured and assembled in the United States of America.