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Software Design Tools

LightLouver LLC supports the development of good daylighting design solutions. To that end we assist in the development of design software and make detailed performance information available online to assist architects, engineers, lighting designers, and others to design and integrate the LightLouver Daylighting System.  A bi-directional scatter distribution function (BSDF) file describing the LightLouver daylighting system performance is available here.  This file is already built into the SPOT Pro daylighting software discussed below.

Sensor Placement + Optimization Tool (SPOT Pro) 

SPOT Pro is a premier daylighting design and analysis software with two main functions:

  • Daylighting performance simulation and analysis -  The software assists a designer in analyzing the daylighting performance of a given space, including analysis of LightLouver and any other optical daylighting system with a BSDF characterization file..  It performs annual climate-based daylighting simulations and calculates a variety of daylighting performance metrics and produces standard reports for LEED 2009, LEED v4.0, CHPS, IgCC, UDI PSBP, and others.

  • Daylighting energy savings simulation and optimization - The software assists a lighting engineer in integrating the electric lighitng and any photosensor-based lighting controls with the daylighting for a given space.  SPOT models photosensor sysems to provide accurate annual energy savings calculations and to inform and optimize the commisioning process, allowing a designer to commission a system on an annual basis optimizing energy savings and maintained light levels. 

SPOT was developed by the Director of Engineering of LightLouver LLC and independant daylighting consultant with Daylighting Innovations, LLC, Zack Rogers. A link to SPOT Pro is provided below.