LightLouver Description

LightLouver Benefits & Features

Lighting consumes the largest amount of electricity in commercial (non-residential) buildings. Benefits and features of the LightLouver Daylighting System include the following:


Provides a powerful and easy to integrate approach for distributing glare-free daylight over a large area of the building. Essentially, LightLouver LLC has made it easy for architects to integrate and specify a “ daylight distribution engine “ which provides excellent daylighting without the attendant glare and solar control problems.

Because the LightLouver Daylighting System redirects sunlight deep into the building, more area is daylit; thus, more electric lights can be turned off or dimmed, and less heat from electric lights is generated for the cooling system to remove. As a result, energy consumption and cost savings are significant, contributing to reduced green house emissions and lower operating costs for the owner.

Effective daylighting contributes to occupant well being, satisfaction and productivity. The LightLouver Daylighting System provides ambient illumination levels without glare and direct sunlight patches on work surfaces, something traditional side-daylighting design alternatives do not do.

The LightLouver Daylighting System is the most cost effective side-daylighting strategy on the market. It costs significantly less than traditional light shelf designs, or automated shade systems, and provides a greater daylit area, greater energy savings, and better visual comfort ( no glare or direct sunlight patches on work surfaces ).

The LightLouver Daylighting System contributes to the achievement of LEED and GreenGlobe Credits and Certification. It can enable the Daylighting Credit to be achieved, and contributes to achieving the prerequisite and optional energy efficiency credits.


• Patented optical design distributes daylight deep and uniformly into the daylit spaces
• Provides annual ambient illumination levels of 25-30 fc at the work surface
• Unique self-shading design provides complete solar cut-off and glare control
• Can be used on east, west and south facades because of the unique optical design that can accept and redirect in an upward manner low angle sunlight ( any sun angle above 5 degrees )
• No moving parts or daily /seasonal adjustments
• Attractive, modern appearance that works well with all architectural styles and window framing systems
• Custom fabricated to precisely fit in the specified window size and framing system
• Black-out control possible, if required
• Quick and easy installation
• Low lifetime maintenance requirements and costs
• Made in the USA.