Energy Trust of Oregon

"We have received numerous positive comments from visitors about our LightLouver installation as compared to the light shelf demonstration in the other part of the office. Staff seems to enjoy them and I notice that the accompanying shades are used less with your product than with the light shelves. It also appears that interior row of lights are being turned off more by staff during bright days because daylight is penetrating the space to a higher degree." - Steve Lacey, CEM, Director of Operations, Energy Trust of Oregon

Serious Materials

"Amazing product! You have radically changed both the comfort and efficiency of my office. Both south and west facing Lightlouver units intercept our high-elevation Colorado sun to bounce light to my ceiling and deep back wall. The specular shot to the ceiling combined with a diffuse scatter to the working surfaces of my desk and conference table now provide the most comfortable lighting I have ever experienced in any working environment. Switching off the 60-cycle flicker of my recessed ceiling fixtures will indeed be a daily treat; in fact, I can’t imagine needing any artificial light during most sunny, or even scattered sunshine working hours." - Robert Clark, VP of Serious Materials

Please visit the "Project Portfolio" section of our website to see before-and-after pictures of Robert's office: http://lightlouver.com/project-portfolio/

Manassas Park Elementary School

"Glare on the teaching wall can be a big problem when designing a naturally lit classroom. LightLouver units in combination with exterior sunshades on south facing classrooms, are a great solution." - Wyck Knox, VMDO Architects

DuBois & King Corporate Headquarters

"As an engineering firm, we wanted our new corporate headquarters to demonstrate our firm’s commitment to sustainable and energy efficient design. Daylighting was a primary requirement of the project, and the LightLouver Daylighting System was selected to double the depth of daylight penetration into the interior spaces to reduce electric lighting needs and to avoid glare problems at the workstations.

The building was completed in 2004. We are very pleased with the performance of the LightLouver Daylighting System, both from a daylighting and solar control perspective. The LightLouver Daylighting System is a passive optical device which means we do not worry about daily or seasonal adjustments, or mechanical failure. Maintenance is as simple as periodic dusting." - Mark Miller, Director, Marketing & Business Development, DuBois & King Consulting Engineers, Randolph, Vermont